Implementation of Substantive Tests for PPG Prajab Student Candidates Batch 3 Completed at UNIPMA 

The PGRI Madiun University Professional Teacher Education Study Program (PPG UNIPMA) has successfully held the Substantive Test for Pre-Service PPG Student Candidates Batch 3 2023 TUK UNIPMA. The exam will be held on 22-23 November 2023 at Universitas PGRI Madiun.

The exam implementation is divided into 9 labs, including Lab. UPT Computer 1 (Campus 1), Lab. UPT Computer 2 (Campus 1), Lab. Mathematics Education Study Program (Campus 1), Lab. Accounting Education Study Program (Campus 1), Lab. Faculty of Economics and Business (Campus 3), Lab. Informatics Engineering Study Program (Campus 3), Lab. Information Systems Study Program (Integrated Lab), Lab. Industrial Engineering Study Program (Integrated Lab), and Lab. Accounting Study Program (Integrated Lab).

Mr. Dr. Hendra Erik, S.Pd., M.Pd as the main proctor reported that there were 466 participants who took the substantive test from the 2023 Pre-Service PPG study field wave 3. Among other things, Primary and Teacher Education (PGSD), Indonesian Language, Mathematics, Education Health and Physical, Pancasila and Citizenship Education (Pkn), History, General Education, Arts and Culture, Guidance and Counseling, and Informatics.

The implementation of the PPG Prajab Wave 3 exam has 10 fields of study attached as above. The type of study content test is 70 questions, the numeracy test is 15 questions, and the literacy test is 15 questions. With this update, it is hoped that participants can achieve the expected results.