Universitas PGRI MADIUN

About Cendekia Kids School Universitas PGRI MADIUN

Scholar Kids School was established on August 8 2012 and is an institution organized by the PT PGRI Madiun PPLP Foundation as a complementary facility for the PG PAUD study program, so that this institution, apart from serving the community, also functions as a lab. IKIP PGRI Madiun School which has now changed its name to Universitas PGRI Madiun (UNIPMA).


The vision and mission initiated by Scholar Kids School Madiun are as follows:


"In 2024, it will become an inclusive PAUD institution that excels in educating and preparing students with character and adaptation"


  1. Train and develop socially and emotionally so that you have social skills and have an honest and trustworthy character.
  2. Train and develop thinking power so that you have the ability to solve every problem or Problem Solving.
  3. Train and develop communication so that you have the ability to listen and be communicative.
  4. Melative to be active, creative, innovative and initiative.
  5. Self-training.


"Producing Graduates with Character, Achievement and Adaptive"