Following up on the Mou, FEB UNIPMA and FEB UNTAG Build Synergy in Improving the Quality of Education 

In following up on the MoU of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB UNIPMA) and the Faculty of Business Economics, University of 17 August 1945 Surabaya (UNTAG Surabaya). FEB UNIPMA welcomed 5 lecturers from FEB UNTAG Surabaya on Thursday, 23/11/2023.

The five lecturers are Dra. Rr. Adiati Trishastuti, MM., Ak., CA (Intermediate Financial Accounting I), Irda Agustin Kustiwai, SA., MA (Accounting Information Systems), Prof. Dr. Siti Mujanah, MBA., Ph.D (Entrepreneurship), Drs. Ec. Mohammad Suyanto, MM (Entrepreneurship), Dra. Ratnaningsing Sri Yustini, MM (Business Ethics).

This activity was carried out with the aim of strengthening the FEB study programs at both universities and improving the quality of education provided. Upon their arrival, the five lecturers from FEB UNTAG Surabaya will provide lecture material to FEB UNIPMA students.

Dr. Anggita Langgeng Wijaya S.E., M.Sc., Ak., C.A., CPA as Dean of the Faculty of Business Economics, Universitas PGRI Madiun welcomed the arrival of the UNTAG Surabaya lecturers and hoped that they could provide benefits to both universities.

"We hope that this collaboration will be able to build extraordinary synergy between the two universities in developing science, quality of education and technology." Said Dr. Anggita Langgeng Wijaya.

This collaborative program between FEB UNIPMA and FEB UNTAG Surabaya is expected to bring benefits to students of both campuses, as well as improve achievement and quality of education.