LKKM-TD HMPS HUKUM and HMPS Juris UNIPMA carry the theme "Leadership Transition and Success Planning" 

The PGRI Madiun University Law Study Program Student Association successfully held Basic Level Student Management Skills Training (LKMM-TD) on Tuesday, 20/02/2024 at Campus 1 Room 205-206, UNIPMA.

The chief executive, Venna Dianggro, said that the work program presented in the 2024 LKMM-TD activity was to educate members of the organization so that it could run well and smoothly. He also thanked the members and lecturers who had attended the event.

"As the Chief Executive, representing the members, the theme "Leadership Transition and Success Planning" aims to form solid and professional leadership for the members of HMF Law and HMPS Juris," Venna said when interviewed, on Monday, 04/02/2024, yesterday.

The supervisor of HMPS Law and HMPS Juris UNIPMA, Mr. Nizam Zakka Arrizal, S.H., M.Kn fully supports the implementation of the LKMM-TD activities. Apart from that, the event was also attended by the entire HMPS Law and HMPS Juris UNIPMA community.

This activity presented Mrs. Sulistya Eviningrum S.H., M.H. as the first speaker who explained about organizations in general. Then, the second speaker was filled with HMF and HMPS alumni for the 2023 period who gave a sharing session.

Venna Dianggro added that the participants were very enthusiastic when the activities were carried out. This shows how active, conducive and critical the members are. "With the comfort of the participants when taking part in LKMM-TD activities for the 2024 period, it is hoped that solidarity will continue to increase between HMF and HMPS so that it is maintained until we achieve common goals." Close Venna.