Bissik Theater 2024 Holds New Member Acceptance Program Containing Materials on Leadership, Letters and Fund Management 

The Bissik Theater of Universitas PGRI Madiun (UNIPMA) successfully held a new member recruitment program and introduced the composition of the management and work divisions for 2024 on Tuesday, 06/02/2024. The event aims to introduce organizational concepts and principles to new members so they can understand their duties and responsibilities as administrators of the Bissik Theater in the future.

This program was attended by 53 participants who were enthusiastic about being part of the UNIPMA Bissik Theatre. The material in this program was delivered by the core management, such as Syahrul Fauzi Ali Mahsun (General Chair), Rigia Fika Nur Fitria (Secretary), Dhevitha Indriyani (Treasurer), and Intan Dwi Maharani Speaker and 2023 Bissik Theater Alumni. The material was filled with presentations of the results of activities LKMM-TD, such as leadership, correspondence and fund management.

The first material was filled by the core management, who explained the results of the LKMM-TD activities carried out in the Integrated Lab so that new members were able to understand the concepts that would be implemented if they became the next administrator. Then, the second material was filled with historical explanations, introducing the alumni chairman, and introducing the work program carried out by the Bissik Theater by Intan Dwi Maharani.

The new member reception event also closed with documentation and outbound activities aimed at strengthening relationships between new members who had joined the Bissik Theater 2024. Elsa Febia Kusuma, Chief Event Organizer, stated that this activity was successfully carried out with very high participant enthusiasm. "It is hoped that this activity can help improve the management skills of administrators and members, as well as build solidarity within the organization which will help in achieving common goals in the future." Closed Elsa, Wednesday, 07/02/2024, yesterday.