Exciting! UKM PSM Sadhuta Madhuswara Conducts LKMM-TD Activities and Outbound Games 

UKM PSM Sadhuta Madhuswara Universitas PGRI Madiun carried out Basic Level Student Management Skills Training (LKMM-TD) and Outbound Games on 16-17 February 2024, yesterday. According to the report, the activity on February 16 was held on Campus 2, 3rd floor, room B301-B302. On February 17, it will be held at Ngrowo Bening Edu Park, Madiun City.

For the first day of activities, the committee provided material regarding the history of sadhuta which was given to Rendy as the general chairman of Sadhuta Madhuswara. The second material contains organization which includes the basics of organization, improving abilities, broadening horizons, and training leadership skills delivered by Gaius. Then the third material contains how to manage vocal techniques delivered by Ms. Cici Fajariyani

The first day was even more lively because the activities were filled with drama performances which were attended by LKMM-TD PSM Sadhuta Mashuswara participants. The 28 participants were divided into several groups to play the performance.

Then, activities continued on the second day, Outbound Games. The aim is to form the character and cohesion of the new members of UKM PSM Sadhuta Madhuswara in training their leadership spirit in the organization. The activity was lively, the members looked enthusiastic about participating in the event until the end.

The activities carried out then closed with appreciation and giving prizes to the winners of the drama and Outbound Games. "As the chief executive, I hope that by carrying out LKMM-TD activities for new members of PSM Sadhuta Madhuswara in these 2 days, I can provide useful knowledge for them in organizing." Closed Rahmat Yuliko, Thursday, 02/22/2024, yesterday.