These are the Six UNIPMA Students in the 2023 Kemenpora Cup Championship at Tawangalun Banyuwangi Sports Hall 

Six fighters from Madiun PGRI University (UNIPMA), won six titles at the National Pencak Silat Championship (Kejurnas) Banyuwangi Kemenpora Cup 2023 event at the Tawangalun Banyuwangi Sports Hall on (7-9/3/2023).

The six pencak silat athletes are UNIPMA students from the Faculty of Health and Science (FIKS) and the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) and the Teaching and Education Faculty (FKIP), they are:

1. Alya Adelliana (Sports Science Study Program), 1st Place in Adult Women's Class A Competition
2. Fery Febyan Saputra (Sports Science Study Program), 3rd Place in Adult Men's Class B Competition
3. Johan Riski Permana (Sports Science Study Program), Champion 2 in the Adult Men's Class F Competition
4. Rifda Karunia Mukti (Management Study Program), 2nd Place in Adult Empty-Handed Women's Singles Art
5. Cindy Dian Pertiwi (Accounting Education Study Program), 1st Place in Adult Women's Class C Competition
6. Briggita Angela Sihura (Tax Management Study Program), 3rd Place in Adult Women's Class B Competition

This martial art at UNIPMA is an effort to equip students to be skilled in the field of Pencak silat, as well as to preserve the culture of the archipelago as a bridge for students to achieve achievements.

Alya Adelliana won 1st place in the Class A Competition for Adult Females. She hoped that the title, which was bought up by UNIPMA students, could become an example for other fighters to continue to explore their potential and achieve achievements.

UNIPMA students recognize the success of these fighters because of their discipline in practicing while active in the martial arts school organization on their campus.

"All this time we have been diligent in training with other friends. For us, martial arts is not only for show-off but as a medium for forging ourselves and achieving achievements," said Alya.