Organizational Training by the Indonesian Language and Literature Study Program Student Association 

The Study Program Student Association (HMPS) Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program (PBSI) "Lingua" UNIPMA Madiun held an organizational training event (Training Organization) with the theme "Forming Critical, Innovative, Creative Scholars and Spirit of Leadership Through Organization" on Tuesday, (14/2/2023) at Campus 1 UNIPMA, 3rd floor.

This organizational training event was held as a means of forming and preparing future leaders for both internal and external purposes. With specific expectations, this activity can help prepare organizers who are credible and responsible for their roles.

This training was opened by the Head of the PBSI UNIPMA Study Program, Muhammad Binur Huda, S.Pd. M.Pd. In his speech, he hoped that this event could run well and advised the audience to gain knowledge that would certainly support the program from Study Program.

"Hopefully the event will run smoothly and please be able to discuss or gain knowledge from the speakers. So that later it will be applied to this organization in the future, which of course will support the program from Study Program," he said.

The Head of Lingua, Nadya Helisa Pinasti reported that in this activity two speakers were present, namely Dr. Dwi Rohman Soleh S.,S., M.Pd. Head of PBSI UNIPMA Masters Program and Aziz Sulthon Rosyadi, S.Pd. As a commissioner of Lingua.

His party said the participants of this activity were members of HMPS Lingua, totaling 20 people. He also hopes that holding this activity it is hoped that it will be able to add insight to Lingua management students about the organization.