Help UKM UNIPMA KKN-T Students Make Identity Stickers 

KKN-T UNIPMA Madiun Group 56 which starts on 5 January 2023-18 February 2023 has work programs, one of which is PEN-UMKM. The PEN-UMKM program encourages students to help villages in the field of economic recovery through MSMEs in villages.

Group 56 targets the MSME sector "Batik Mbah Jo". Through this program, students have ideas in the marketing sector to market products through news media and social media pages.

UMKM "Batik Mbah Jo" is a batik industry that still exists today and has not abandoned the traditional batik tradition. The industry is located in Tlagan Hamlet, Kenongorejo Village, Pilangkenceng District, Madiun Regency.

On October 17, 2011, Lek Jo (the owner of the batik) produced and established a Batik small industry/SME named "Batik Mbah Jo". Philosophy is called Mbah Jo, because of the vocation of the village community who trust Lek Jo as a coach, trainer, and elder/senior of batik in Kenongorejo village. 

The batik made by Lek Jo has an icon that changes from time to time for each regional head in the Madiun district. For the leadership year of Mbah Tarom / H. Muhtarom S.Sos, Regent of Madiun 2008-2018, he made batik with the porang plant icon which is a producer for the community. Then this year, the leadership of Kaji Mbing / H.Ahmad Dawami R.S. S.Sos, Regent of Madiun 2018-present, he makes batik with the icon of the martial arts village which depicts the spirit of the youth in Madiun Regency.

The KKN student's idea is the hope of being able to promote as well as introduce originally written batik to all people because so far it has only targeted certain consumers. Apart from that, KKN-T Group 56 students also made stickers to identify the batik made by "Mbah Jo".