UNIPMA Holds 2024 PMM 4 and ICT Exchange Program Student Admissions 

Universitas PGRI Madiun welcomed 39 students from all over Indonesia in the Independent Student Exchange (PMM) 4 program and 4 International Credit Transfer (ICT) students from the Philippines in 2024. The welcoming event was held on the 4th Floor of Campus 3 Universitas PGRI Madiun, Saturday, 09/03/ 2024.

The PMM program is an inter-university student exchange initiative in Indonesia coordinated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek). In this program, students will spend one semester at a university in a different island cluster from their place of origin. The main aim is to provide an experience of diversity and strengthen the spirit of unity and nationalism through Nusantara Module activities.

Meanwhile, International Credit Transfer (ICT) is one of the programs integrated into the Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) curriculum, where students can study abroad to develop technical competencies and interpersonal skills. This program is also a means to exchange ideas in social and cultural contexts with individuals from various parts of the world, responding to increasing globalization.

The handover of inbound PMM 4 and ICT students was attended by Dr. Supri Wahyudi Utomo, M.Pd (Chancellor of UNIPMA), Dr. Elva Nuraina, S.E., M.Si (Deputy Chancellor for Field I), Dr. Jeffry Handika, M.Pd.., M.Sc. (Deputy Chancellor for Division IV), Sri Lestari, M.Pd. (Head of Cooperation and Public Relations Bureau), Nasrul Rofiah Hidayati, S.T., M.Pd. (Dean of the Faculty of Engineering UNIPMA), Dr Dahlia Novarianing Asri, M.Si. (Deputy Dean I FKIP), Dr. drh. C. Novi Primiani, M.Pd. (Dean of FIKS), Dr. Sulistya Eviningrum, S.H., M.H. (Head of UNIPMA Law Study Program), Dr. Endang Sri Maruti, M.Pd. (Head of PGSD Study Program), Dr. Noviyanti Kartika Dewi, M.Pd., Kons (BK), Apriyanti , S.E., M.M (Head of Management Study Program), Asri Musandi Waraulia, M.Pd (Lecturer in Nusantara PMM 4 Module), Liya Atika Anggrasari, M.Pd (PMM 4 Coordinator), Brigitta Septarini, S.S., M.Pd. (ICT Coordinator) as well as the ranks of the PGRI Madiun University academic community.

Head of the Cooperation and Public Relations Bureau, Sri Lestari, M.Pd, said that PMM 4 students came from various campuses outside Java. Such as Ganesha Education University, Tanjungpura University, Padang State University, Gorontalo University, Padang Panjang Art Institute, STKIP Andi Mattapa, STKIP Muhammadiyah Baru, Adzkia University, Doktor Husni Ingratubun Tual University, Hamzanwadi University, Santo Tomas Catholic University, Lambung Mangkurat University, University of Lampung, Malikkussaleh University, Piringsewu University Lampung, Medan State University, PGRI University Palembang, PGRI University West Sumatra, Samudra University, Sriwijaya University, Syiah Kuala University, Tadulako University, and Indonesian Technorat University.

Chancellor  PGRI Madiun University, Mr. Dr. Supri Wahyudi Utomo, M.Pd gave a warm welcome to the PMM 4 and ICT students. He gave motivation and hope to the students. “Adapt quickly to a new environment, because the key to success and success is adapting quickly. We work together to maintain the good name of the University. "This collaboration between universities is expected to have a progressive impact on education in Indonesia." Said Dr. Supri Wahyudi Utomo, M.Pd, Saturday, 09/03/2024, yesterday.

A dance performance from UKM Tjandra Kirana enlivened the 2024 PMM 4 Inbound and ICT student acceptance. With the theme "Sedulur Papat Lima Pancer", this performance aims to introduce Javanese culture to students from outside Java and internationally.