UNIPMA Holds University Level NUDC, KDMI and PILMAPRES Debate Competition Selection, Following is the List of Winners 

Universitas PGRI Madiun, through the Student Affairs Bureau (BKM), organizes Debate Competition selections, namely the National University Debating Championship (NUDC), the Indonesian Student Debate Competition (KDMI), and the Selection of Outstanding Students (PILMAPRES) at university level. NUDC, KDMI and PILMAPRES are a selection of debates between students at universities which are witnessed freely competing argumentation skills and creative ideas.

The debate selection performance was opened directly by the Deputy Chancellor for Division I, Universitas PGRI Madiun, Dr. Elva Nuraina, SE., M.Si, in her speech conveyed the purpose of this activity. "This event is a selection event to find selected students who have been determined in the NUDC, KDMI and PILMAPRES guidebooks. So whoever wins will represent UNIPMA's big name at a higher level. "Of course, the selected teams will be accompanied and supported directly by the Student Affairs Bureau until they advance to the National level." Said Dr. Elva Nuraina, SE., M.Sc.

The activity took place for 3 consecutive days on 21-23 March 2024 at the Integrated Laboratory of PGRI Madiun University. This selection was carried out to prepare the UNIPMA team to compete at the East Java Province level. Participants in the selection were 17 NUDC, 22 KDMI, and 16 PILMAPRES participants.

Selection is carried out in stages, starting from administration to English language training for participants. To determine the title winner, an argument presentation activity was carried out under the selected motion for the NUDC and KDMI competition selection. Meanwhile, the PILMAPRES selection presented creative ideas accompanied by questions and answers in two languages, namely Indonesian and English.

According to report data sent by the Student Affairs Bureau to the Public Relations Team of Universitas PGRI Madiun, the following are the names of the students who were the winners.

  1. 1st Place Silvia Dian Paramita (PBI)
  2. 2nd Place Berliana Safinatu Qolb (P. Mat)
  3. 3rd Place Kholishotul Tania Rahma Alin (PBi)
  4. Hope 1 Zulfa Mahmudatunnisa (Management)
  5. Hope 2 Amatul Noor Jadidah (SI)
  6. Harapan 3 Sherlin Norma Azzahra (PGSD)
  1. 1st Place Meliani Devita Sari (PBI)
  2. 2nd Place Nania Eka Ramadhani (SI)
  3. 3rd Place Ravida Wedelia Ajeng (Pharmacy)
  4. Hope 1 Erinna Yulia Putri (P. Akt)
  5. Hope 2 Sherley Rhamadhani (SI)
  6. Hope 3 Hanif Sa'adah (P. Eko)
  1. 1st Place Alfian Dwi Cahyanto (TE)
  2. 2nd Place Muhammad Nuralam (TE)
  3. 3rd Place Muhammad Nur Iqbal Sidrotul Muntaha (SI)
  4. Hope 1 Berliana Safinatu Qolbi (P. MAT)
  5. Hope 2 Sherley Rhamadhani Putri Annisa Priyandini (SI)
  6. Hope 3 Aldhi Royan Nugraha (Law)

The Deputy Chancellor for Division I Universitas PGRI Madiun also congratulated the winners and fully hoped for them to achieve victory at the National level. He also added hope to the participants to study harder to achieve maximum results.