Expanding Student Knowledge, UNIPMA Pharmacy Study Program Conducts Industrial Visit to PT. Sidomuncul Tbk Semarang 

To broaden students' knowledge of the professional world, the Pharmacy Study Program at Universitas PGRI Madiun (UNIPMA) carried out an Industrial Visit on Thursday, 15/02/2024. This time the industrial visit was carried out to PT. Sidumuncul Tbk Semarang which is located on Jl. Gajah Mada No. 123, Semarang, 50134.

This Industrial Visit, which was attended by students from semesters 1 to 7, is an annual program of the UNIPMA Pharmacy Study Program. Several lecturers who accompanied this activity included apt. Weka Shida Bhagawan, S.Farm., M.Farm, Dra. Arum Suproborini, M.Si, Putri Ratna Kartini, S.KM., M.Epid, apt. Vevi Maritha, S. Farm., M. Farm, apt. Zedny Norachuriya, S.Farm., M.Farm and Dioni Fadia Zatalini, M.Farm.

This Industrial Visit activity aims to expand Pharmacy students' knowledge in the professional world or work environment. Plus, students get the opportunity to get information about how to work at PT. Sidomuncul Tbk Semarang.

Aulia Nisa Adila, Chair of the UNIPMA Pharmacy HMPS, when interviewed by the Public Relations team expressed her hopes for the opportunities provided by the UNIPMA Pharmacy Study Program. “After visiting PT. Sidomuncul, we get useful motivation, such as making natural medicinal products based on local wisdom. Very full of surprises because this concerns the vision and mission of our study program." Aulia said, Tuesday, 20/02/2024, yesterday.

The enthusiasm of the students is increasing, because the Industrial Visit is combined with holiday activities, the places visited include Dusun Semilir and Kota Lama Semarang.