Through UNIPMAs BIPA Training, 2 ISAT-U Philippines Students were taught Indonesian Language and Culture 

The Indonesian Language Training Program for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) for ICT students from Iloilo Science and Technology University, (ISAT-U) Philippines has just been implemented. Not only learning the language, students also have the opportunity to get to know Indonesian culture directly through batik-making activities at Batik Candi Mulyo Dolopo Madiun, getting to know Dongkrek art in Madiun Regency, and enjoying the diversity of tourism and culture in Yogyakarta.

This training aims to introduce 2 foreign students from ISAT-U University of the Philippines to Indonesian which includes introductions, the philosophy of the red and white flag, the Garuda bird, and simple vocabulary. The two students are Greg Salvador Abanag (Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English) and Xandrix Matandac (Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English).

It is hoped that this training can introduce language, culture and tourism in Indonesia to foreign students so that it can be used to promote Indonesia. "The experience they gain will have a good impact on Indonesia. This will increase Indonesia's value in the international realm." Said Devi Cintia Kasimbara, S.Pd., M.A.,. Saturday, 11/25/2023.

This BIPA training was held under the auspices of the Cooperation and Public Relations Bureau of PGRI Madiun University. The program will be implemented from 17 November - 6 December 2023. As the organiser, Mrs. Devi Cintia admitted that she agrees that this BIPA training program can be sustainable because it can provide real benefits for foreign students who want to learn about Indonesia.