Collaborating with NEUST Philippines, University of PGRI Madiun Economics Education is Ready to Create Go International Teachers, Heres the Review 

Friday, May 5, 2023, the PGRI Madiun University guest lecture program with NEUST Philippines has taken place. This time it was UNIPMA's turn for Economics Education to collaborate to produce prospective generations of future Economics Education teachers of international standard.

This collaboration was marked by a meeting in room A.206 Campus 1, 2nd floor, Universitas PGRI Madiun. A meeting between Dr. Analiza B. Tanghal from NEUST Philippines with Economics Education Lecturer namely Dr.Dra. Ninik Srijani, M.Pd., MM, Ramadhan Prasetya Wibawa, M.Pd, Yahya Reka Wirawan, S.Pd., M.Pd, Dwi Nila Andriani, S.Pd., M.Pd, and Maretha Berlianantiya, S. Pd., M.Sc

In this Guest Lecture collaboration, the goal is to facilitate the ability of students and students to cross cultures. Because the arrival of NEUST from the Philippines is a new culture for Economic Education.

"More to increase student confidence in communicating with foreign lecturers." Said Ramadhan Prasetya Wibawa, M.Pd.

So that later prospective Economics Education teachers will be better prepared in learning materials if in the future they have to Go International.

This extraordinary experience will be useful for prospective Economics Education teachers when entering the world of learning. With the collaboration between NEUST Philippines and UNIPMA Economic Education, it was produced to produce prospective teaching staff with international standards.

"Hopefully in the future, it will continue and not only the Philippines. So that Economic Education will be able to go international.” he continued.

A positive lesson occurred in the guest lecture session this afternoon. Economics Education students were very enthusiastic about participating in international guest lectures.

That is why the UNIPMA Economics Education Study Program will travel in the future using the Go International lecture system. Thus, graduates of UNIPMA Economics Education students will have more capacity.