Inauguration of the Head of IKA UNIPMA, Ready to Contribute to Campus 

Wednesday, 18 May 2022. Universitas PGRI Madiun through the UNIPMA Alumni Association (IKA) is determined to increase the quantity and quality of the network among alumni spread across each region. This was revealed from the remarks of the Chancellor of UNIPMA, Dr. Supri Wahyudi Utomo, M.Pd., at the online inauguration of the Chairperson of IKA UNIPMA for the 2022-2026 period, Tuesday (12/05/2022).


“Appreciation for the election of the head of IKA UNIPMA, this IKA is an extension of UNIPMA in helping and increasing the number of applicants who want to become UNIPMA students. In addition, with the formation of IKA Alumni, IKA Alumni will be born in the regions," said Dr. Supri.


Furthermore, he also acknowledged that the myriad achievements and progress that have been achieved by UNIPMA cannot be separated from the work of the alumni who helped introduce UNIPMA in the midst of the community.


"Through alumni, UNIPMA's good name will increase and develop in the community, especially now that our alumni have achieved success in various fields of work, both regionally and nationally. I hope that alumni are willing to carry the good name of UNIPMA's alma mater wherever he is. I wish you a happy work and I hope UNIPMA will be more advanced and develop even more,” he added.


In line with Ari Nur Widiyanto, S.Pd.,, the Chairperson of IKA UNIPMA was elected for the 2022-2026 period. In his post-inauguration speech he wanted to make IKA Alumni a strong infrastructure in the development of UNIPMA according to its objectives. Ari who on that occasion conveyed his readiness to continue to contribute to UNIPMA.


"Through this organization, we want to build synergy between alma mater and alumni, because according to him, alumni and alma mater are like fuel oil and motor vehicles, both of which are difficult to separate," he said.


Ari Nur Widiyanto, S.Pd. is a UNIPMA Alumni who is the Head of Kerik Takeran Magetan village. He is one of the youngest village heads. This can be an example for prospective UNIPMA alumni to be passionate about being what they aspire to be.


 "Alumni should not leave the university and I hope that together we can make UNIPMA a university that the community is proud of," he concluded.