English Department Students’ Association (EDSA) Election, Universitas PGRI Madiun, 2019 

The term of organization management in 2018/2019 has ended, it's time for a new management. Realizing this, the English Department Students' Association (EDSA) held the election of chairman and vice chairman for the 2019/2020 term. The election took place at the 2nd Language Laboratory, Campus 1 UNIPMA, Tuesday (07/30/2019). There are 2 candidates for the chairman namely Chalifhannisa Alqadarin and Aziz Nala Ardhi.

As many as 40 student representatives from each class at PBI and also the EDSA board exercised their voting rights. Chalifhannisa won with 60% of the votes, while Aziz got 40% of the votes. Thus Chalifhannisa was elected as the chairman and Aziz became deputy chair of EDSA for the 2019/2020 term.

"After being elected as chairman I feel challenged, because so far I have never been a chairman in the organization that I joined. There are so many things I want to do at EDSA, hopefully everything can be done, "Chalifhannisa said after the event.

Chalifhannisa also admitted that she had prepared various programs that could make EDSA even better. The first step he will take is to align the vision and mission of all its members so that they can then move as a whole.

"A year as chairman is truly memorable, hopefully the new EDSA chairman can provide the best for EDSA, so that EDSA can become a solid and better organization," said Puji Laksono, chairman of EDSA for the 2018/2019 period.