Universitas PGRI Madiun

Pioneering Period

Establishment of the Teachers' Training PGRI MADIUN not be separated from the history of the college in Madiun. In the 1960s , Malang State Teacher Training Institute opened a branch in Madiun , known as the Teachers' Training College of Malang Branch Madiun. Malang Teachers' Training Branch Madiun is developing quite well, but because there is something in 1968 closed. The professor there who returned to Malang No vote remains in Madiun.

Malang State Teacher Training Institute lecturers who remain in Madiun initiative to establish a college in Madiun, namely Drs. MUdjiono and Drs. R. Soekarman. To make it happen, he both socializing and approaches to community leaders and local government officials. Tit for tat, the public gave a positive response, as well as with the Municipal Government of Madiun. To be effective establishment of the college, then formed a foundation that shelter or as an umbrella. In 1969 the initiators managed to set up a foundation called YAPPERTIM (Pembina Foundation College of Madiun). The initiator that forms YAPPERTIM namely: Drs. Mujiono (Former Lecturer Malang Teachers' Training Branch Madiun), Drs. R. Soekarman (Former Dean of the Teachers' Training Coordinator Malang Branch Madiun), Drs. Imam Sunarji (Mayor Madison), Muhammad Dimyati, and Major Sutoyo (Former Chaldean Madiun). Once the foundation is formed, then the initiator of establishing the Regional Teachers' Training College Madiun in 1969 and controlled collectively.

Madiun Regional Teachers' Training College in the first year successfully opened three courses , namely : General Education ( PU ) , Indonesian and of Science . The number of students for the first year there were 76 students from Madison and surrounding areas. In the implementation of the lecture using the schools in the municipality of Madiun and lecture done in the afternoon . This was done because the Madiun Regional Teachers' Training College and the building does not have sarananyapun still limited . So where lecture moved around depending on the schools that wanted to have cooperation. Schools were first used ie SMP Negeri 6 then moves in SMA Negeri 3 which is now used by SMP Negeri 2 , Building the library is now becoming Plaza queen.

Another problem faced by the Regional Teachers' Training College Madiun , namely the limited development funds , shortage of teachers and administration , yet have adequate lecture building , and have not received a clear status. Thanks to the hard work and compactness of the managers and help local governments and schools, the Regional Teachers' Training College Madiun can survive.

As a university, the status is to be held as a symbol of legality will powers, rights and obligations so that people give credence to the agency. This is in line with the policy of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia which stated that private universities that already have registered status are allowed to hold the lecture itself . While the majors country under similar test with recognized status or identified . For that YAPPERTIM struggled to gain status . One of the efforts that integrate themselves with Sarmidi Mangunsarkoro Teachers 'Training College based in Malang and the name changed to Sarmidi Mangunsarkoro Teachers' Training College ( 1974 ) and as leaders : Rector Drs . Mujiono , Rector II R. Soekarman , and Rector III Drs . Soeparno

Teachers 'Training College Sarmidi Mangunsarkoro efforts have not produced the expected status and subsequently the Regional Teachers' Training College have its Madiun to Surabaya State Teacher Training Institute, particularly in the implementation of the state exam. In 1975 the Teachers' Training College Sarmidi Mangunsarkoro in Madiun by YAPPERTIM submitted to the Regional Board VIII PGRI East Java and fostered by the Foundation Trustees Region VIII Education High Penguruan PGRI East Java. Teachers 'Training College Sarmidi name Mangunsarkoro in Madison starting on June 5, 1975 amended and named Teachers' Training PGRI in Madiun in East Java. Date of change and determination of the above-mentioned name by the manager of Teachers 'Training College in Madiun in East Java PGRI set as the Teachers' Training PGRI Anniversary in Madiun in East Java. Thanks to struggle VIII Regional Board PGRI East Java, with Kopertis Region VII Letter dated May 17, 1976 No. 85 / I / 1976, the start date of May 17, 1976 Teachers' Training College in Madiun, East Java PGRI got a Registered Status.

Teachers' Training PGRI leadership at Madiun in East Java as follows :
1.  Dekan Koordinator : Drs. Soeparno
2.  Pembantu Dekan Koordinator I : Saiman, BA
3.  Pembantu Dekan Koordinator II : Soesilo Soedharman, BA
4.  Pembantu Dekan Koordinator III : DA. Hutahean, BA

With registered status, Teachers' Training College in Madiun in East Java PGRI increasing attention and public confidence in Madison and surrounding areas. Shown from opening new departments and increasing public interest. Owned majors to 5, namely : General Education, Education Indonesian, of Science, History and Arts. Additionally Teachers' Training PGRI Madiun open classes in some places outside the City of Madiun, namely : Maospati Magetan for the Fine Arts Department, Karangjati and Nguter Ngawi to the Department of History Education, Caruban Mejayan Madiun for Public Education Department ( PU ) and the Indonesian Department.

Teachers' Training College in Madiun, East Java PGRI not yet have a complete resource. The faculties are still held by the central leadership. In its activities are coordinated by the dean of a coordinator that is equivalent to the rector for now. Teaching staff drawn from some former professors of Malang Teachers 'Training Branch Madiun and drawbacks taking of teachers - high school teachers were civil servants who have baccalaureate diploma, so many teachers - teachers of SMAN3 is a lecturer at the Teachers' Training College in Madison area, while the employees are still very few in number due to financial keurangan and is unable to pay in full. These conditions can be overcome slowly - land received financial assistance from donors or local governments, while also seeking a loan of money as capital in its development, such as buying land and building the first lecture, which is now a 1 IKIP PGRI Madison campus road Setiiabudi 85 (East wing of the building Campus 1 Teachers' Training PGRI Madison). At that time only able to build one meeting room, four classrooms and two bathrooms.

Drs. Soeparno as Dean of the Teachers' Training Coordinator PGRI in Madiun in East Java in June 1983 died. To fill the post of dean of the coordinators do deliberation and outcome elected Drs. J. Soetjarjo (Chairman of the Department of Economics). In addition to the reasons of competence, Drs. J. Soetjarjo an official who already have a bachelor of arts degree. Drs. J. Soetjarjo served as dean of the coordinators began in June 1983 until August 31, 1985.

The existence of Teachers' Training College in Madiun in East Java PGRI could not last long, because in 1985 there was a change of government policy, that every private university should have its own foundation - its own, so that areas such Nganjuk East Java, Kediri, Blitar, Surabaya, Tuban, Jember, Banyuwangi, Situbondo. Many who set up his own foundation, including Teachers' Training College in Madison area becomes YPLP PT namely Yayasan Pembina Institute for Education College. YPLP PT PGRI municipality of Madiun's legality stated in Notarial Deed RN Sinulingga, SH on May 13, 1985 No 103 and is directly responsible to the Foundation Trustees of Institutions of Central PGRI in Jakarta.

YPLP PT PGRI Madiun in its development is the reorganization of the board and the name that is on June 27, 2002 to PPLP PT PGRI (Association of Institutions of Higher Education Trustees Indonesian Teachers Association). Perbuhan is validated in the Deed No. 6 Asni Arpan, SH.