Universitas PGRI Madiun (UNIPMA) invited Javas Afrizal Pratama and Hira Maryana to share their experiences and tips on study scholarships abroad in the Scholarship Seminar held at Integrated Laboratoium UNIPMA. Javas Afrizal and Hira are UNIPMA alumni who continue their studies in the U.S and Australia through scholarships.

On this occasion, Javas Afrizal and Hira presented tips to students participating in scholarship seminars who wanted to continue their studies abroad. "What is clear is that we have to be smart in allocating time, because 3 credits in the U.S, means 3 meetings. It is different from in Indonesia which 3 credits are 1 meeting. Our schedule will be full there, "said Hira Maryana. (11/24/2019)

Hira also said what needs to be prepared by students who want to take part in a scholarship program abroad. Among them, outstanding GPA, TOEFL score, working experience or work experience, leadership skills, and community involvement or organization that has been followed.

In addition, seminar participants also had the opportunity to take part in the TOEFL simulation with discussion.