This year the Primary School Teacher Education Association successfully held an International Seminar. Precisely on Thursday, July 25, 2019 at Graha Cendekia, PGRI Madiun University. The event was attended by more than 1000 participants both PGSD lecturer students and also general participants. At this event, there are 4 presenters who came from various countries from various countries. Among them: Dr. Neil Christian Tunac Corales (Mariano Marcos State University, Philippines), Dr. Faridah Hanim Yahya (Sultan Idris Education University, Malaysia), Dr. Taufina, M.Pd (Negri University of Padang, Indonesia), Fida Chasanatun, M.Pd (PGRI Madiun University, Indonesia)

The International Seminar  was begun with the appearance of Indonesian traditional dance as an introduction to Indonesian culture, then the event was opened with remarks delivered by Mr. Vice Chancellor 1 Dr. Dwi Setyadi, M.M., as a symbolic that the event has been opened. Next followed by presentation of material First from Dr. Neil Cristian Tunac Corales was then the last speaker Fida Chasanatun, M.Pd.

The seminar went smoothly and students were very enthusiastic during the seminar. Seen from the interaction by the seminar participants and some questions raised by the seminar participants.