Digital Journalism, Share Positive Information in the Digital Era 

In this day and age, the news that contains utterances of hatred, hoaxes, and news is increasingly prevalent. To deal with this problem, the Universitas PGRI Madiun (UNIPMA) in collaboration with Times Indonesia held a journalistic training on Thursday (01/31). This training took place at the 3rd Language Laboratory of Campus 1 UNIPMA.

This training was filled by speakers from Times Indonesia, namely Bambang H. Irwanto and Yupi Apridayani. A total of 50 participants who were students from various study programs seemed very enthusiastic about attending the event. These students are candidates for Digital Journalists or digital era journalists.

"We, through Indonesian Times, must be able to present news that focuses on the good side, not news that highlights badness," said Bambang.

This is because news, especially on online media, can be accessed for 20 years. So that only small vices can cover other great virtues.

With the implementation of journalistic training, it is expected that the UNIPMA Digital Journalists will be able to spread a variety of positive and inspirational factual information starting from the campus environment.