UNIPMA Students Win 2nd Place in Scientific Writing Competition at Universitas Nusantara Kediri 

Saturday, 16 April 2022. UNIPMA students again won the competition. Dhea Retno Anggraini and Silfia Ainur Rohmah from the Guidance and Counseling Study Program FKIP UNIPMA won second place in the Scientific Writing Competition (LKTI) at the Guidance and Counseling Student Association, Universitas Nusantara Kediri. This LKTI was held in the context of Counseling Week Season 6 with the theme “Mental Health Management in Era 5.0”.


This competition is conducted online and the final presentation stage is done via zoom. In this competition, Dhea and Silfia raised the paper "Deep Feeling Problem Solving as an Innovation in Reducing Mental Disorders in Students". Dhea said that her work was motivated by mental health issues that are currently being discussed. The sufferers are not only from the elderly and adults but teenagers at school age. "So, we are trying to provide the latest innovations in the field of guidance and counseling related to efforts to reduce mental disorders to help students who experience mental health disorders," said Dhea.


Furthermore, Dhea said that the writing of this paper took less than a month in the midst of busy lectures and assignments on campus. He admitted that he received a lot of support and assistance from various parties, including Dr. Ratih Christiana, S.Pd., M.Pd, who gave her full support to take part in this competition, and teammate Silfia Ainur Rohmah, to her fellow students.


"Our success, apart from the help of lecturers, is also inseparable from the help of our closest friends who really support us, thank you," said Dhea. Dhea also revealed that this was her first time participating in LKTI. According to him, a lot of knowledge can be learned from this LKTI, regardless of whether he wins or loses. “For other students who may be afraid to start something, afraid of being wrong or afraid of being incompetent, don't be afraid. Because winning or losing is not something to think about," he said.


Both hope that more and more of their fellow students will actively participate in activities both internal and external to campus. Never be afraid to try, because experience is gained from trying. Because everything starts with a will. And never waste an opportunity because we don't know where the regret lies.


The Head of the UNIPMA Guidance and Counseling Study Program, Dr. Tyas Martika Anggriana, S.Psi.,M.Pd congratulated on this achievement. "This is a proud achievement. I hope this achievement will motivate us to continue to develop our potential in the future and can inspire other Guidance and Counseling Study Program students to bring up new achievements according to their respective fields of interest and talent," he said.