Public Lecture by Practitioners of the Biology Education Study Program, University of PGRI Madiun Introduce Educational-Based Video Games, Students Are Guaranteed Addiction! 

Tuesday, May 16, 2023, the Biology Education Study Program at the University of PGRI Madiun held an interesting activity. The activity was called Public Lectures for Practitioners in the framework of the Biology Education Student Association Academic Seminar in collaboration with PT Sebangku Jaya Abadi from Yogyakarta.

This activity is an implementation of the Teaching Practitioner activities funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture in 2023. The practitioners who became speakers were Fendy Tay, M.Kom, and Rizky, M.Kom. The event began with the opening, the signing of the MoU and MoA by the Head of the UNIPMA Biology Education Study Program, and core activities. This activity is a collaborative class to support the Media Literacy and Learning Technology courses taught by Dr. Wachidatul Linda Yuhanna, M.Sc.

The first material was delivered by Dr. Linda regarding digital literacy in the world of education. Rizky. M.Kom in his material provides an explanation of Game Based Learning, in which the role of video games is not just about entertainment. It turns out that Game-Based Learning can also be used as a means of learning, especially in the field of education.

If learning currently uses practice, theory, and a collection of formulas. Currently, with the emergence of Game-Based Learning, it is guaranteed to make students addicted. Why is that? Because Game-Based Learning will refer to the application of game principles and the learning process to increase student engagement. As an effort to improve the quality of prospective biology teachers in making fun games, Fendy Tay, M.Kom, and the Sebangku Jaya Abadi PT Team provided live simulations and practice.

"With advances in technology, learning can be done by playing games. This will be more easily accepted by students and will give it a new color in the learning process that is accepted, "said Dr. Linda the subject lecturer.
"Students will better understand the concept of modern learning by using Game Based Learning. They will capture more learning by going on educational excursions in the digitalization era.” Rizki said. M. Kom.

Because everyone knows that games make it easy for future generations to catch. As an example, Biology Education students also received games given by the speakers during the activity session. "The simulation and practice went smoothly, students were very enthusiastic about developing educational games," said Fendy Tay, M.Kom.

This Game Based Learning learning strategy will also provide positive teaching materials to take advantage of today's technology. Moreover, games that are currently cross-digitized are very charming and elegant. It is hoped that this collaboration with practitioners will trigger a spirit of innovation for biology education students and lecturers in making learning technology.