University of PGRI Madiun Economics Education Holds Guest Lecture With Dr. Analiza B. Tanghal from Nueva Ecija University of Science & Technology (NEUST), Philippines 

PGRI Madiun University's Economic Education Study Program successfully held a Guest Lecture with the theme Methods of Teaching in the Philippines Speaker Analiza Bartolome Tanghal. Following the theme, this Guest Lecture was presented by Dr. Analiza B. Tanghal from Nueva Ecija University of Science & Technology (NEUST), Philippines.

This activity was carried out face to face, with the aim that prospective Economics Education teachers know the learning methods as conveyed by Dr. Analiza B. Tanghal.

The public lecture will be held on Friday 5 May 2023, in room A.206, Campus 1, 2nd floor, Universitas PGRI Madiun. It can be seen that Economic Education students are listening to the topic of learning from Dr. Analiza B. Tanghal who uses English in every speech.

“I feel happy because I got new knowledge and experience. Having a guest lecture provides benefits for students and can introduce broader Economic Education.” Kevin, an Economics Education Student, said.

The Economics Education Study Program has proven how strong and enthusiastic the public lecture collaboration is. Where they can run lectures smoothly.

"My hope as a representative is that guest lectures will be more frequent and will provide benefits and new experiences for students of Economics Education," he added.

The guest lecture ended with a photo session with Dr. Analiza B. Tanghal along with students and lecturers of the Economics Education Study Program.