UNIPMA Holds 2023 National Robofest Technology Competition 

The activities of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Study Program (FKIP), this year's Robofest was held on March 15 2023 with the theme "Create your best robot and show your PLC capabilities for the future". Taking place at the UNIPMA Cendekia Sports Hall, the festival, which was filled with a series of competitions related to robots, was attended by SD/MI, SMP/MTs, SMA/SMK/MA, and universities throughout Indonesia. Apart from the participants in the competition, supervising teachers and parents also flocked to the sports hall to support their children.

Deputy Chancellor for Field I UNIPMA, Dr. Elva Nuraina, S.E., M.Si. in his remarks to open this event talked about the importance of robots to help human life. However, humans themselves must not lose their value as living beings who create robots.

His party appreciates the activities of the 2023 National Robofest Technology Competition. "This is the first time it has been held again after the pandemic, good luck with this competition, continue to uphold sportsmanship and the spirit of racing," he said.

"By saying bismillah, I hope this event will run smoothly, with blessings and benefits for all of us, this Robofest event can officially begin," Vice Chancellor for Field I of UNIPMA opened the event.

This event consists of several categories of competitions that students can participate in. The competitions consist of Robot Soccer, Manual Missions, Coding Missions, and Races for SD/MI students; Line Follower for SMP/MTs to SMA/SMK students; Student PLC, and SMK PLC.

The Chief Executive of Robofest 2023 revealed that the purpose of holding this event is to motivate children of student age to be creative. They are trained and required to look for problem-solving and be creative with various games. "This activity also aims to develop the knowledge and talents of students in the field of robotics, hopefully, the contest participants can carry it out in a sportsmanlike manner," said the chief executive.