Equipping Entrepreneurial Spirit, UNIPMA Holds Student Entrepreneurship Incubator Competition 

Universitas PGRI Madiun (UNIPMA) through the UNIPMA Entrepreneurship Unit presents a creative platform to equip students to have a business spirit with a student entrepreneurship incubator competition program.

This competition program has two fields, namely the field of creative hand craft industry and the field of merchandise design. This activity was attended by 82 teams who are UNIPMA students in various study programs.

The activity which was opened by the Chancellor of UNIPMA, Dr. Supri Wahyudi Utomo, M.Pd. it was held offline for two days in the meeting room, lab building. Integrated UNIPMA on Friday-Saturday, 17-18/06/2022.

This competition was won 1, 2, and 3 in each field by bringing three judges who are proficient in their fields.

UNIPMA's Head of Entrepreneurship Unit, Rischa Pramudia Trisnani, M.Pd. said that of the 82 teams were filtered into the top 10. "So the flow is, students submit proposals, then they are ready to be reviewed and the top 10 will be taken. Now, the top 10 will be presented in front of the jury," he explained.

The top ten include two fields, namely 5 teams in the creative industry for hand craft and 5 teams in merchandise design.

"We also provide training for the winning team from the industry and get internships after that, we hope that with this incubator competition, we will be able to create UNIPMA business incubators," said Rischa.

Vice Chancellor for Division III, Dr. Bambang Eko Hari Cahyono, M.Pd. appreciate the existence of a student entrepreneurship incubator competition program, with the aim of building a creative entrepreneurial spirit and business sustainability. "An incubator program like this is needed so that UNIPMA students are ready to become entrepreneurs, in accordance with UNIPMA's vision, namely by 2033 to become a superior university at the national level and produce graduates who are smart, competitive, and have entrepreneurial abilities," he said when giving a speech at the end of the activity. , before the announcement of the winner.

The Vice Chancellor for Division III said that the enthusiasm of UNIPMA students in entrepreneurship was very high. This is evidenced by the 82 teams participating in this competition.

"Alhamdulillah, there are 82 teams of participants, students are very enthusiastic about participating in this competition, a healthy competition. Where in competition there are winners and there are those who have not won. I hope this will be responded positively," he explained.

At the end of his remarks and closing the activity, the Vice Chancellor for III also expressed his gratitude and pride for the students who were very enthusiastic about participating in this competition.