Digital Literacy of UNIPMA Informatics Engineering Lecturer in Kajang Madiun Village 

The era of industrial revolution 4.0 and society 5.0 requires everyone to be familiar with technology, including village government institutions. Utilization of computer technology among village government institutions has become a demand. This is because almost all activities carried out must go through submitting proposals and making accountability by utilizing computer facilities.

This condition encourages UNIPMA Informatics Engineering lecturers in community service activities to introduce computers to members of village institutions in Kajang village. Members of village institutions who are generally housewives. Representatives from village institutions who participated included BPD, PKK, LPKMD, and youth organizations. Implementation of training activities at the Kajang village meeting hall on Tuesday, 05/24/2022.

“We are very happy when you from Informatics are willing to carry out training activities here, we really need additional knowledge related to IT and we are confused, so we start from this training and continue to other trainings. So if there is any need, you can do it yourself.” Said Samini, as the general staff of Kajang Village,

The person in charge of the activity, Sri Anardani, S. Kom., MT. said that the participants were introduced to the use of Microsoft Office. “Today, we teach starting from the easiest first, file management, office, and will proceed to other applications such as excel, corel, video, and so on according to village needs. This training is the beginning as well as the opening because there will be a series of subsequent activities,” he explained.

In this training, representatives from village institutions were quite enthusiastic about participating in the training, as evidenced by the seriousness of doing the given exercises. They try to be able to do the exercises in every type of material.