Governor Khofifah Laying the Groundbreaking for the UNIPMA Integrated Lecture Building 

East Java Governor Hj. Khofifah Indar Parawansa attended and laid the groundwork for the construction of an integrated lecture building and inaugurated an integrated laboratory and smart classroom at the Universitas PGRI Madiun (UNIPMA). The event started with ribbon cutting by the governor of East Java, the mayor of Madiun, and the Chancellor of UNIPMA at the entrance to the Integrated Laboratory building.


Then continued with the signing of the inscription witnessed by the Mayor of Madiun, the Regent of Madiun, the Vice Chancellors and the Deans in front of the UNIPMA integrated laboratory building, Kanigoro, Kec. Kartoharjo, Madiun City, Thursday (16/06/22).


After that the opening of the event in the Lab Hall. Integrated. with remarks from the Head of PPLP PT PGRI Madiun followed by the Governor of East Java.


Prior to the opening of the event, the Governor of East Java, the Mayor of Madiun, and the Chancellor of the University of PGRI Madiun and their staff provided compensation to 10 orphans. Since 2015, UNIPMA has established Peduli Yatim and Dhuafa UNIPMA which aims to help foster children for orphans.


In his remarks, Drs. H. Imam Sujudi, Chairman of the PPLP Foundation of PT PGRI Madiun expressed his gratitude because the Governor of East Java, the Mayor of Madiun, the Regent of Madiun were pleased to attend.


"This is a very rare moment, the Governor of East Java, the Mayor of Madiun and the Regent of Madiun can attend this event together, therefore I am very grateful and grateful for his presence," he explained.


In addition, the Chairperson of the Foundation also reported that this latest news UNIPMA was ranked 3rd PTS Recipient of the most Community Service Funds in East Java.


"Alhamdulillah, UNIPMA has received many grants, this proves that UNIPMA, the campus in Madiun, has become a very accomplished campus," he explained.


The Governor of East Java at the beginning of his speech expressed his gratitude to Allah SWT. God Almighty because he was still given strength and health so that he could attend the groundbreaking event for the construction of an integrated lecture building and the inauguration of an integrated laboratory as well as the UNIPMA smart classroom.


"The presence of PGRI University in Madiun creates a potential for comparative entry that must be built by students in higher education." said Hj. Khofifah.


With UNIPMA, what has been built is extraordinary, from 5 faculties and 27 study programs.


The Governor added, what was conveyed by the chairman of the foundation, of course, the East Java Provincial Government would not allow the framework to improve facilities and improve educational infrastructure in East Java.


The governor hopes that UNIPMA will continue to build synergy with the provincial government, so that all can be well supported and can make comprehensive profiling.

The potential that exists in Madiun is very good, so it is very good to build the world of industry and the world of work. "Moreover, UNIPMA has a note from me, I give TOP two thumbs up for its network connectivity," he said.


This was proven when inaugurating the smart classroom which was held in the smart classroom 4 floor 4 of the Integrated Lab Building, attended with the academic community, each of which was in smart classrooms 1,2, and 3 virtually.


When he finished laying the stone, the Chancellor of UNIPMA thanked the Governor of East Java, the Mayor of Madiun, and the Regent of Madiun. Hopefully what we are doing today can provide benefits, and hopefully UNIPMA will continue to develop and always be of interest to the community.


The Governor of East Java also said that there were very many ministers who were present in Madiun, “so more and more confirmed universities are good, yes UNIPMA. If this potential is not published, not many will know.


"The mataraman area must be supported by universities, for example UNIPMA has many FKIP study programs, I'm sure this FKIP has a lot of good attitudes that transform it so it's not just knowledgable." said the Governor of East Java.


"Of course we are grateful, and I say thank you and apologize, I think UNIPMA is very great, I wish everyone good health and success, and I hope this process goes smoothly." Close the Governor of East Java.