The Abdimas Team of UNIPMA Accounting Education Study Program, Provides Early Financial Literacy Education through Dongkrek Madiun Arts 

Planting financial literacy as early as possible affects the understanding and knowledge of financial literacy that can be applied later in life, namely children can manage finances and later can live independently. However, the role of family and school is very supportive for children to master financial literacy skills.


In this case, learning that is creative, innovative, interesting, and fun to be easily accepted by students is needed in teaching and learning activities that form the basis for UNIPMA Accounting Education Study Program Students to carry out Community Service BP3K MBKM (Merdeka Belajar-Kampus Merdeka) at Cendekia Kids PAUD Madiun City School in 2021, entitled "Early FINANCIAL LITERACY EDUCATION THROUGH DONGKREK MADIUN ARTS AT CENDEKIA KIDS SCHOOL IN MADIUN CITY".


The purpose of this activity is to provide education on understanding financial literacy based on local wisdom and preserving the Madiun Dongkrek art as a medium for learning financial literacy in early childhood.


The Community Service Activities of BP3K MBKM were very well received by Mrs. Yuli Retno Windiarini Rahayu, S. Pd. as the principal of PAUD Cendekia Kids School Madiun City, which is located at Jl. Setiabudi Timur No.35, Kanigoro, Kec. Kartoharjo, Madiun City and with the good coordination, collaboration of partners from this activity, so that the program implemented runs smoothly and is useful.


The BP3K MBKM Community Service Team is chaired by Nur Wahyuning Sulistyowati, S.E., M. Pd. consisting of Liana Vivin Wihartanti, S.Pd., M.Pd.; Farida Styaningrum, S.Pd., M.Pd.; Kelik Sussolaikah, S.Kom., M.Kom.; Dewi Santika Risti; Diamond Amalia Fadilah; with the field team Meilinda Ike Wulandari and Ari Suprianto; and Mr. Trisakti Hendrianto and Mrs. Leni Nunung Nurbaningsih, S.Pd.I. as an art practitioner from the Dongkrek Condro Budoyo team RT 24 RW 07 Sumberbening Village, Balerejo District, Madiun Regency.


"The implementation of this activity is through socialization, namely educating students as early as possible regarding financial literacy through the Madiun jackkrek art performance," said Team Leader Abdimas Nur Wahyuning Sulistyowati, S.E., M. Pd.


In addition to socialization, the head of the abdimas team also said that there were financial literacy training activities, by playing roles through the Madiun jackdaw show.


“How to manage finances so that they have a culture of saving from an early age. Where the golden generation is intelligent, has good financial literacy, is independent in managing finances, is capable of making financial decisions, lives independently, has good morals (the culture of queuing when spending money), one of which can be obtained from the moral message of regional arts (dongkrek Madiun) which is part of from the wealth of the nation as a national identity that needs to be grown in the midst of globalization and the digital era," he added.