Community Service Activities by Unipma Faculty of Engineering Lecturers in Support of the MBKM Program initiated by KEMENDIKBUDRISTEK RI 

Lecturers of the Faculty of Engineering, University of PGRI Madiun conduct a Community Service program at SMKN 2 Madiun. The activity was chaired by Ms. Sekreningsih Nita, S.Kom., M.T., a lecturer from the Informatics Engineering Study Program and consisted of 2 people, namely Mr. Andria, M.Kom., MTA., MCE., MOS., lecturer from the Information Systems Study Program and Faroh Muhammad Lukas is a student from the Informatics Engineering Study Program.


The Community Service is entitled “Multi-Platform-Based E-Learning Information System as a Solution for the Independent Learning Campus Independent Program (MBKM)” which is packaged in the form of activities in the form of development and training on the use of E-Learning Information Systems.


The head of SMKN 2 Madiun, Mr. Taridjo, S.Pd, M.Pd welcomed the activity with the signing of the MoU which is expected to synergize between schools and universities, especially in efforts to improve the quality of learning through digital technology. Furthermore, the community service team coordinated with Mr. Agus Suprapto, S.Pd, as the Deputy Head of Curriculum at SMKN 2 Madiun to arrange a training schedule for the use of E-Learning Information Systems at SMKN 2 Madiun in the form of a Workshop.


The workshop was attended by teachers and some students of SMKN 2 Madiun, the community service team directly demonstrated the use of Multi-Platform-based E-Learning Information Systems, the advantages of the developed system include supporting access to various devices such as: laptops, PCs, tablets and smartphones, with different operating systems. With the Multi-Platform-based E-Learning Information System, it is hoped that it can provide convenience to teachers in providing materials and assignments to students as well as to improve the quality of learning at SMKN 2 Madiun.