UNIPMA Alumni Association (IKA) Holds Large Deliberation (MUBES) in 2022 

Wednesday, 18 May 2022. In order to elect a new chairman, the UNIPMA Alumni Association (IKA) held a 2022 General Conference (Mubes). This activity took place at around 09.30 WIB online through a zoom meeting, Thursday (12/05/2022).


The activity began with remarks from the head of the P2KLK bureau (Center for Career Development and Counseling Services) UNIPMA Dr. Ratih Christiana, M.Pd expressed her gratitude to the committee and UNIPMA alumni who attended the activity.


"Thank you to the committee for their hard work so that this activity can be carried out. Thank you also to alumni who have attended, we need to know that the role of alumni is quite large in the progress of UNIPMA, with IKA hopefully this mubes will further strengthen, strengthen and unite us all", explained Ratih.


UNIPMA Chancellor, Dr. Supri Wahyudi Utomo, M.Pd. gave a speech as well as opened the IKA UNIPMA mubes activity. In his speech he said that Alumni cannot be separated from Higher Education. Because the role of Alumni is very big for the progress of UNIPMA.


“IKA UNIPMA has a strategic position in government, institutions, organizations, companies, as well as in the midst of society. It is their role that can be useful for alma mater institutions, either directly or indirectly,” explained Dr. Supri.


The Chancellor of UNIPMA hopes that IKA UNIPMA can play a role in providing input and real programs for the advancement of Higher Education because Alumni have the potential and competence in building public opinion for the good name of Higher Education. In addition, Alumni as a product of Higher Education can be an important relationship in expanding the network of Higher Education/Students with institutions outside of Higher Education.


"Alumni can also be a source of information on the world of work and business for new graduates of a university, in addition to being an inspiration for students currently in higher education," he said.


The activity continued with the election of the new chairman of IKA UNIPMA. There are four candidates for the chairmanship of IKA UNIPMA 2022, namely, Katon Felik Kurniawan, S.Pd., Dyan Kharisma Nurdiansyah, S.Pd., Ari Nur Widiyanto, S.Pd., and Agus Budi Basuki, S.Pd. Through the candidate voting mechanism at the IKA UNIPMA Mubes forum, Ari Nur Widiyanto, S.Pd., was elected as the chairman of IKA UNIPMA for the 2022-2026 Period.