Closing of MBKM Thematic Community Service Program in 2022 PGRI Madiun University 

Thursday, 21 April 2022. The 2022 PGRI Madiun University Student Community Service Program (UNIPMA) in Madiun Regency has been completed. The closing event took place on Tuesday (19/04/2022) online via the Zoom meeting platform.


UNIPMA Chancellor, Dr. Supri Wahyudi Utomo, M.Pd. thanked the Committee and the Madiun Regency Government for responding and collaborating to be able to accept the implementation of the UNIPMA MBKM thematic KKN in two sub-districts in Madiun Regency.


In addition, according to him, as many as 1300 UNIPMA students or 73 groups placed in 22 villages and 2 sub-districts in Madiun Regency have finished carrying out KKN activities with the theme of the KKN-T program KKBPK, KKN-T State Defense, KKN-T UMKM, and KKN-T. T MSMEs.


"Hopefully what has been implemented can provide benefits, especially in strengthening the Madiun Regency Government programs, especially in the fields of economy, education, family and encourage the formation of a mental revolution," hoped the Chancellor of UNIPMA.


Regarding the MoU, the collaboration between the Madiun Regency Government and UNIPMA The Chancellor of UNIPMA hopes that it will continue to run well.


"Hopefully next year's KKN activities can also run smoothly, thus providing benefits for the KKN area occupied by each group of students," he hoped again.