Small Steps to Serve the Country 

As students who are in tertiary institutions, it is appropriate to run a Tri Dharma of Higher Education. The same is true for the Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program (HMPS) Student Association, Lingua. For 3 days starting July 29-31, 2019 Lingua held a community service program in Cepoko Village, Ngrayun District, Ponorogo Regency.

"As students, we want to make a real contribution to society by implementing the knowledge that we have learned in college," said Lingua chairman, Rian Alfianto. The rest, he added, the purpose of this activity is also to shape the personality of students so that they have a spirit of caring for others and being able to socialize well.

There are several main activities in this program, including socialization about the importance of using good and correct Indonesian language in correspondence for village officials, socialization about entrepreneurship for PKK mothers, teaching children in TPA, and helping the process of milking cows.

The activities carried out received positive responses from the community. "After the socialization from our colleagues we felt very helped, now we can write letters from agencies better," said Didik Yuwana, secretary of Cepoko Village.

"This community service program provides valuable new experiences. Here we can share the knowledge we can and also help others, "said Rima Nurmalia, a member of HMPS Lingua.