The XVI Great Conference of UKKI UKM 

UKKI UKM held the XVI Musbar (Musyawarah Akbar), the aim of this program is to report the management accountability in the period 2018/2019, continued by the election of the general Chairperson and Crew in the 2019/2020 period. The event was held at Meeting Room 1, UNIPMA 2nd Floor on Friday - Saturday 26-27 July 2019. The purpose of the event was also held to glue UKUWA UKKI administrators, UKKI Members, UKKI Management Advisory Board and as a means of evaluation for administrators and members to convey criticism and suggestions while at UKKI. In this year's deliberation Cahya Adha Husada, 5th Semester of the Mathematics Education Study Program was elected as the General Chairperson of the UKKI period 201920.

"My heart feels calm because this mandate is given by the results of the consensus from the grand conference. According to me, the best agreement is taken from trust that something is given and not requested, it is the results of the deliberations that has entrusted the trust to me," Cahya said. Cahya also added that he would run several activity programs that were in accordance with UKKI's vision and movement. Those are, increasing and developing human resources in UKKI management so that they became ulul albab people and formed strong and solid UKKI management, strengthening ukhuwah with UNIPMA academics and outside da'wah institutions, also increasing the syiar of Islamic preaching in UNIPMA in particular and society in general.

Khoirul as Chair of the 2018/2019 period hopes that the next UKKI Chairperson will be able to lead UKKI management colleagues, planning creative programs that can attract students' hearts according to the conditions of the times. "I hope that the next UKKI Chairperson can be an example for UKKI administrators, UKKI members, being able to be an example of UNIPMA students because UKKI is an institution of Campus Da'wah so a UKKI leader is always in the spotlight. It must always be open with various inputs from the Academic Community and must know the condition of the people, "said Khoirul.

Lastly, Cahya hopes that new students will be able to choose UKKI SMEs as an obligatory UKM because UKKI is a home for people who want to try to improve their potential and knowledge. We are a home for you who wants to get lost, yeah get lost in the right direction. "Let's join UKKI," Cahya concluded after the event.