Madiun, a total of 240 PGSD students, students from non - PGSD and 52 Reka working students pandega Scout members who took part in the racana reception program held on 19/10/2018 to 21/10/2018. The activities held at Gor Cendekia Universitas PGRI Madiun for three days and two nights aimed to improve the quality and quality of members and to print trainers who are proficient in scouting and print reliable journalists in the field of scouting.

Racana Board Chair Retno Djumilah “Ria” said the activity was a serious effort made by Racana Board to create reliable cadres to be scout trainers so that scout members understand and know more about the world of scouting and create reliable cadres in the field of media journalism so that scout members understand and know more in the world of writing news and publications both in print, electronic and on line "luckily for all participants who were willing to attend and take part in this activity, because this training is very useful to improve their ability to be implemented in the school environment or institution" he said. The activity of all work partners advised that participants could follow the material seriously and orderly so that they could absorb knowledge provided by resource persons who were competent in the field of scouting.

The Chairperson of committee “Arnik” said “in the training, participants were given theoretical and practical material with a total of 10 hours of material exposure. The material that was given included P3K, Kompas, Scout journalism, scouting the NKRI enforcers, and  the importance of scouting education." He said all participants were very enthusiastic about the material of Scout Journalism, when the material was delivered the participants jumped in on how to become a good journalist. PWR was also very enthusiastic about the speakers who really enjoyed when presenting the material. Hopefully after this activity and the presentation of this material the participants could become very reliable journalists.