Teachers' Training Students PGRI Madiun held End of Year Reflection (RAT) on 28 and December 29, 2016. The event is held annually to reflect the performance of the entire program Studies Program Student Association (HMPS). BEM Chairman said that "The event in the year's almost the same as last year but the concept that we created different covers; interactive dialogue, the National Seminar and Performing arts ". The series of events of the RAT is the interactive dialogue, performing arts and seminars. Interactive dialogue aims to share experiences and grievances of each HMPS. Art performance was held in order to provide entertainment end of the year for all students that in fact for one full year preoccupied with learning.

For the seminar, RAT this year with the theme "Preventing the Adverse Effects of Drugs and HIV / AIDS in Higher Education. The seminar to be interesting because it presents three presenters, Mr. Souba Isman, Yudha Novianto and mother Arlita Yuniar. The theme chosen for HIV / AIDS is a global challenge and one of the most complex problems today. How the treatment of diseases even this is still being debated. In fact, when this increase affected communities HI / AIDS and drug addicts is increasing every day .. "The seminar is aimed at Teachers' Training Students PGRI Madiun with the aim to provide an understanding and avoid Students of Drugs and HIV / AIDS because of juvenile delinquency at this time extraordinary rise "said Chairman of the BEM. (Div. Public-BKHK) Photo: Rio