Sadhuta Maduswara Vocal Group Brought Home the Champion Title 

Maduswara Sadhuta Choir Vocal Group successfully brought home the title in the Polytechnic Madiun Anniversary Festival on Thursday, November 26, 2015 in the Polytechnic Madiun Campus Hall. The first winner was won by Maduswara Sadhuta Vocal Group and it was followed by SMAN 2 Madin and Unika WIMA as the second and third winner.

The competition followed by a total of 14 vocal groups throughout the former residency of Madiun required all participants to sing one required song and a free-chosen song. On that occasion, Sadhuta Maduswara represented by Aling, Nita, Putri, Dinar, Riza, Arik, Tiya, and Anggun sang a song entitled "Gundul Gundul Pacul" with different arrangements and "Pada Alam" by Chriyse.

Aling, the pianist and also the chairman of the choir admitted that he only prepared the entire choir within two weeks. He also hoped that in the future, the choir can be more successful and focus on improving the quality. "In the future, we hope we can focus on improving our quality. We've been training well and hope we can regularly conduct the exercises with the trainer." He added. (Div. Humas-BKHK)