Eid Al-Fitr This Year Universitas PGRI Madiun Held Virtual Halal Bihalal. 

In the middle of this pandemic of COVID-19, PPLP PT PGRI Madiun who is competing with the Universitas PGRI Madiun, Cendikia Vocational School and CKS want to hold a friendly gathering or Halal Bihalal to keep the togetherness and relationship. Halal bi halal was held on Saturday, 30 May 2020 was held using the ZOOM Meeting. Halal bi halal was attended by 590 participants registered on D-day. halal bi halal was attended by all PPLP PT PGRI Madiun families consisting of Lecturers, Employees, Vocational Teachers, and CKS Teachers who were involved in PT PGRI Madiun PPLP environment.

With the theme " Sucikan Hati untuk Kebersamaan ", the step of this events began with remarks given by the Rector, Chairman of PPLP PT PGRI Madiun, and continued with Lectures given by Mr. Drs. H. Ibnu Mahmudi, MM. The entire step of events proceeded smoothly with various procedures that were followed by all PPLP families of PT PGRI Madiun. Preparations are made starting from H-1, namely by preparing installation and zoom applications from the invitees. Whereas on the D-day the invitation is just to fill in the attendance form on the google form link and Join Room Halal bi halal at the zoom.

Because the participants of halal bi halal consisted of various groups from those already proficient in zooming to those who were not yet familiar with zooming, the committee made the most effortless activities that should be carried out at the invitation by providing a zoom link and when clicking the invitation had joined the halal bi halal room without ID even and password. besides that, supported by adequate internet facilities, Alhamdulillah, halal bi halal can run smoothly without a problem for approximately 50 minutes (excluding the registration/attendance invitation preparation)