Sharing about Hobbies and Careers, with Mrs. Heidy Paramitha Devi, S.Pd., M.Si 

Social Distancing in the middle of COVID-19 pandemic make some people spend more time at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. But, that does not mean at home you become lazy, try occasionally doing hobbies in the middle of this pandemic.

On live Instagram @official_unipma with the topic is Hobbies and Careers, in this occasion Asmawi Anwar (moderator) and Heidy Paramitha Devi, S.Pd., M.Sc (speaker) one of  Universitas PGRI Madiun lecturer discuss about Ibu Heidy’s Hobbies and Careers. The discussion begins by discussing Ibu Heidy’s Hobby that is Photography.  She started her own business from her hobby for about 2 years ago until now. Her business is not runs smoothly in the beginning. It has ups and downs over time.

"I have a business in the field of photography since 2 years ago, my business certainly has its ups and downs and Alhamdulillah it still run until now" Heidy Paramitha Devi, S.Pd., M.Si said

Besides that, as a Lecturer she must be professional in the academic field. She must balance the fields of academics, creativity and also able to manage her time appropriately. So, her hobby will not interfere her activities as a lecturer.

There is a lot of talk about these hobbies and careers, as well as her difficulties during start the business and give the profit in the business, and how marketing strategies must be done before starting the business activities for students. She tells that if a student has a hobby, they can develop and improve it by joining some training so that they have a chance to produce something and be a human who give benefits for others. And also, if they want to make their business better, they can use social media as a means of exchanging information as needed.