Transition vehicle emission test, Steps to reduce air pollution 

The motor vehicle emission test was conducted by Electrical Engineering students at Universitas PGRI Madiun located in front of the Integrated Laboratory on Monday (3/16/20). This vehicle emission test is free for students or the public and has a target of 100 motorized vehicles to be tested to determine the level of exhaust gas in motor vehicles. Not only that, this motor vehicle test is also to find out whether the vehicle passed the specified emission test.

Mr. Eko, from the environmental service, revealed that the vehicle emission test uses a Smoke Analyzer which has a standard for passing or not a vehicle. This tool has a standard pass or not seen from the levels of CO (Carbon Monosikda),  and HC (Hidrocarbon), if a vehicle that has CO, and HC exceeds the standard, the vehicle is certain not to pass the vehicle emissions test, and otherwise.

"If the CO and HC levels exceed the capacity standard, then certainly not passing the motor vehicle emissions test," Mr. Eko said.

Also the motor vehicle emission test was conducted as an effort to reduce air pollution to create clean and healthy air.