Planting the first tree in the “Langit Biru” program at Campus 4, Universitas PGRI Madiun 

The first tree plants in front of campus 4 of Universitas PGRI Madiun which is part of the “Langit Biru” program aims to green the campus on Monday (3/16/2020. It was planted by the Rector of Universitas PGRI Madiun, Dr. Parji, M,Pd. and attended by representatives of the Mayor's Office.

This activity is a form of participation from Universitas PGRI Madiun to reduce air pollution and create air quality that is safe for public health, especially Universitas PGRI Madiun Students. Dr. Parji, M.Pd. urged students to take part in this program to create clean air quality and reduce air pollution.

 "I hope this tree planting can create clean and healthy air quality and reduce air pollution," Dr. Parji, M.Pd. said

In this activity it is hoped that the “Langit Biru” program will succeed as the Mayor of Madiun has socialized to create clean and healthy air quality.