Universitas PGRI MADIUN - Program # PDS_UNIPMA_2019 is a continuation of the 2018 PDS program. In the first year, Universitas PGRI Madiun implemented Schema A. Schema A was a lecturer assignment program to schools while in the second year 2019 was implemented Scheme B. In the B scheme process, lecturers who have never been assigned to teach at school are given the opportunity to do so, whereas ladies and gentlemen who previously taught at schools were required to implement their PDS results into learning on campus through courses that were relevant to the subjects at school.

Based on last year's program implementation, there were six lecturers who were required to implement their PDS experience on campus, including Dr. Ibadullah Malawi, M.Pd., Dr. Marheny Lukitasari, M.Pd., Drs. Sanusi, M.Pd., Dr. Ninik Srijani, M.Pd., Nuriati Ningsih, M.Pd., and Dr. V. Teguh Suharto, M.Pd.

"The implementation of PDS results to campus is a very good thing. With lecturers in school, they become aware of the real learning problems in the field. Usually only studying the theory, now it becomes understood whether the theory has been learned in accordance with the conditions of education in the field, "said Dr. Ibadullah Malawi, M.Pd .., one of the lecturers who participated in this program.