Alumni debriefing; Digital Technology: Challenges and Opportunities for Millennial 

Consumptive behavior of the Indonesian people, especially young people in the millennial era towards technology can cause various kinds of impacts, both positive and negative. Many opportunities and threats are obtained from the use of technology.

Universitas PGRI Madiun (UNIPMA), through Alumni Debriefing, Digital Technology talk show: Challenges and Threats, presented Pak Ndul Guyon Waton to provide insight prospective towards UNIPMA alumni about current digital phenomenon.

The talk show held at Graha Cendekia UNIPMA on Wednesday (07/17/2019) was attended by UNIPMA alumni candidates who will graduate in August 2019. With the main speaker Pak Ndul, a Youtuber from Madiun, it is hoped that students can create opportunities in the digital era. In addition, students are also expected to face challenges in adaptive, creative, and innovative ways.

"We don't just depend on one opportunity, but create our own opportunities," said Pak Ndul.