Entrepreneurship Seminar & Talkshow 2019 "Reaching Success For Young Entrepreneurs" 

The Mathematics Education Student Association (HIMADIKA) on Thursday, July 11, 2019 held the Entrepreneurship Seminar and Talkshow with the theme "Reaching Success for Young Entrepreneurs". The event which was held at Graha CENDEKIA, Universitas PGRI Madiun was attended by all students of Mathematics Education and also delegates from orgamawa and other HMPS. The keynote speaker in that event namely Putri Ayu Febriyanti (successful young entrepreneurs), the Owner of Ghealsy shoes, Diva Velda Hanifa, Owner Oh My Gethuk and Head of the UNIPMA Entrepreneurship Unit. According to Pak Davi Apriandi, S. Pd. Si., M. Pd.

The first speaker in this event give tips and tricks if we want to be an entrepreneur we need to eliminate negative thoughts and be brave in making decisions in entrepreneurship, if you have a good and innovative idea to be realized immediately. The next speaker is Diva Velda Hanifa Owner Oh My Gethuk! said that there are 3 tips to live more vividly, take steps, explore and continue to update!, Love myself first! and the last speaker was Putri Ayu Febriyanti, Owner Ghelasy shoes said that to be an entrepreneur, she/he must be smart to see opportunities, follow the flow of markets, create new innovations (products), and have a solid team.

The purpose of this event is to improve the ability of students especially Mathematics Education Students in the field of Entrepreneurship and the importance of establishing a business in youth. Students are very enthusiastic and enthusiastic in listening to the material presented by the speakers. The seminar and talk show program is a routine event organized by HIMADIKA.