Warm Welcome from Pacitan Residents to UNIPMA through the Career Expo 

Thursday, January 10, 2019. The UNIPMA campus expo team participated in the Career Expo in Pacitan. The event was initiated by Vocational High Schools 2 Pacitan located in a multipurpose building of Vocational Schools 2 Pacitan.

The target of the participation of UNIPMA is to introduce themselves to the community. UNIPMA with all its advantages is able to be the first choice for the community to continue their higher education, both undergraduate level (S1) or Strata 2 (S2). It is hoped that the people of Pacitan and the surrounding area will continue to trust UNIPMA as a center for developing science.

UNIPMA Expo team has prepared in advance to welcome prospective young scholars. The warm welcome from the UNIPMA community was accepted by all teams.

"It's really beyond planning" said Dwi Rosita Sari, M.Pd., as the UNIPMA Expo coordinator. The expression represents the predictions of the entire team for the welcome of the Pacitan community. Visitors flock to the stand and register to join UNIPMA.