Korem 081 DSJ Presents Material with Interesting Ways in 2018 PKKMB Events 

Korem 081 DSJ initiated the PKKMB activities at Graha Cendekia UNIPMA in a unique way, through outbound activities, Thursday (06/09). This outbound activity is a game consisting of hula hoop and relay. The purpose of giving outbound before the core material is to arouse the togetherness, cohesiveness, and spirit of the new students.

After opening with interesting outbound activities, the program continued to the core material. The material provided was "The Basic Defense System and the Universal Defense System" delivered by Major Infantry Khamim Thohari, S.Sos., M.Sc. At the end of the event he advised that a student must be able to use technological sophistication correctly and also always maintain the unity and integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.