A Mystery Guest Star Performed in the Final Night of the 43rd Anniversary of UNIPMA 

As the final event in the agendas of the 43rd Anniversary of Universitas PGRI Madiun (UNIPMA), the Committee of UNIPMA’s 43rd Anniversary held the Final Night event which was held on Saturday, May 12th, 2018 with the theme “The Most Memorable Satnight”. The event which started at 18:30 pm was started with a speech from Drs. R. Bekti Kiswardianta, M.Pd. as the Third Vice Rector of UNIPMA and the performance of the campus local band.

After that, the event was enlivened by the performance of Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa (Student Activity Unit) Tjandra Kirana UNIPMA featuring a contemporary dance, the performance of a band consisting of UNIPMA’s lecturers, as well as the announcement of the best bazaar winner in which the bazaar was held on the morning during the Fun March. And finally at around 20:00 pm, there is the Mystery Guest Star who has been kept secret by the Committee from the audience, he is Fredy Harahap. Fredy Harahap is a talented singer and songwriter who has wrote many popular songs in Indonesia. That night he sang some of his popular songs, such as “Aku Memilih Setia”, “Bidadari Tak Bersayap”, and “Kekasih Bayangan”.

The Final Night of UNIPMA’s 43rd Anniversary was closed with the appearance of a reggae band from Madiun known as JG Reggae who invited the audience to jump and dance with the rhythm of reggae. In the middle of JG Reggae's performance, the committee fired several fireworks into the air which further added to the festive and entertaining atmosphere of the night.