Sukses Mengabdi untuk Indonesia 

Joni Rudiyanto, S.Pd. Teachers Training College Alumni PGRI Madiun dedicated to the State. After graduating from the Teachers Training College PGRI Madiun, Joni Rudiyanto follow courses in the Region Educating Frontier, Outermost, and Disadvantaged (SM3T). SM3T Kemendikbud is a breakthrough program to help solve the problems of education in the outermost, left behind (3T), among others: the lack of teachers (shortage), an uneven distribution of teachers (unbalanced distribution), qualified under standards (under qualification), less competent (low competencies), high dropout rates, low school enrollment, inadequate infrastructure, and many more problems 3T area that wraps the future of the students in the region.

Joni Rudiyanto is one of the representatives of the Teachers Training College PGRI Madiun to participate to help children in the region in terms of education 3T.

"Our main goal is to provide educational assistance to them (the children) and add to the experience, the provision of the Teachers Training College PGRI Madiun very helpful and useful for me and the people there"

As a form of appreciation to the government about it, Joni Rudiyanto had the opportunity to follow the Professional Teacher Education program (PPG) at the State University of Malang, and is now ready to make a contribution to the world of education.